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The West Coast Swiss Wrestling Hall of Fame

Here we honor the men who have trained, competed and rose to the highest levels of Swiss Wrestling on the West Coast. Their work ethic and consistency helped them rise above a number of very tough and committed athletes.  

There have been many people instrumental in keeping our culture and Swiss Wrestling alive and thriving for nearly 100 years on the West Coast.  Without the people that have given their valuable time, Swiss Wrestling, the music, our festivals and culture would no longer exist.  Here we also honor their service.  Because without them, our culture would be all but gone on the West Coast.  "Thank you for everything you have done.  All of your time and work are very much appreciated!" 

So how does one get into the W.C.S.W.A. Hall of Fame?  

The initial class was nominated and inducted by the WCSWA Board of 2013.  The criteria for wrestlers were a number of factors.  How many schwingfests did they crown in?  Did they go 8 rounds at the Eidgenoissches or get a crown?  How many WCSWA championships did they win? How many crowns did they have at the WCSWA Championships?  How did they do in the point series championships?  In general, it was agreed upon that all wrestlers with an Eidgenoissches crown were inducted automatically.  A few others in the initial class did not have an eidgenoissches crown, but had compiled considerable records.

Our initial Administrative Hall of Fame was nominated and inducted by the WCSWA Board of 2013.  Our criteria was quite simple:  Who has given an extreme amount of time and/or money to promote the sport of Swiss Wrestling, despite family participation in the sport and has gone above and beyond what has been required of them. 

Because it is new, we are evolving our Hall of Fame processes and we are not perfect.  There are many very good wrestlers that did not and may not be selected for the Hall of Fame.  We ask that since this is a new system, that you please be patient.  You can submit your nominations for either the Wrestling or Administrative Hall of Fame to us and we will consider your nomination at the 2014 WCSWA Annual Meeting.  They are due by January 1 of the year of nomination.  So January 1, 2014.  

The 2013 Inaugural Inductees into the newly formed WCSWA Hall of Fame

               2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

     1.  Conrad Grass, Newark, Eidg Crown
     2.  Alois Peter, Sacramento, Eidg Crown,        multiple wins at Kantonal Schwingfests
     3.  Don Widmer, Manteca, Eidg Crown, 1X 
     8 rounds, 6 Championships
     4.  Ernest Dobler, Newark, Eidg Crown, 1      Championship
     5.  Paul Kiser, Sacramento, 1X 8 Rounds, Highest Number of Championships
     6. John Ming, Elk Grove, Eidg Crown, 2X 8    rounds, 2 Championships, Multiple high-  placings at the toughest schwingfests in Switzerland
     7. Al Ming Jr., Elk Grove, Eidg Crown and 1X  8 rounds, 1 Championship

Nominees for 2014 
(2 will be chosen)

John Schallberger Jr., Sepp Von Rotz, Dave Reichmuth, Joey Ming, John Schallberger Sr., 
Frank Beeler, Wes Lujan, Ted Betschart, Dave Egger, Urs Gwerder

Champions of WCSWA 
Championship Schwingfests 
(amount of championship crowns earned and number 
of first place finishes is a major factor in determining induction into Hall of Fame for candidates)

Six Time West Coast Champions

     Paul Kiser - 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965
Don Widmer -1970, 1971, 1972, 1976, 1977, 1980

Four Time West Coast Champions

Joey Ming - 1988, 1995, 1996, 1998

Three Time West Coast Champions

Frank Beeler - 1980, 1983, 1993
David Egger - 1984, 1986, 1992
Wes Lujan - 2004, 2005, 2006

Two Time West Coast Champions 

Fritz Ambuehl - 1964, 1967
David Reichmuth - 1966, 1973
John Schallberger Jr - 1994, 1999
Urs Gwerder - 1990, 1994
John Ming - 1969, 1978
Frank Kaech - 2009, 2013
Ady Ming - 1997, 2011

One Time West Coast Champions

Ernest Dobler - 1959
Alois Peter - 1964
Al Ming Jr. - 1974
Frank Imhof - 1989
Jerry Holdener - 2001
Shane Richman - 2007
Nathan Aufdermaur - 2008
Hubi Pazeller - 2009
Adrian Kaser - 2000
Stefan Struby - 2002
Ruedi Odermatt - 2003
Eugen Hasler - 1991
Urs Suter - 1987
Franz Schuler - 1985
Rene Zehnder -1982
Leo Betschart - 1981
Hansueli Muhlethaler - 1979
Paul Bachmann - 1975 
Hans Zurfluh - 1968
Melk Britschgi - 2010
Christian Gwerder - 2012

West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association Championship Schwingfest Crown Counts
(longevity & participation count for Hall of Fame consideration)

Most Championship Crowns

Frank Beeler, 15 Championship Crowns

12 Championship Crowns

Fritz Ambuehl, 12 Championship Crowns
Ted Betschart, 12 Championship Crowns

10 Championship Crowns

Joey Ming, 10 Championship Crowns
Paul Kiser, 10 Championship Crowns
John Ming, 10 Championship Crowns

9 Championship Crowns

Don Widmer, 9 Championship Crowns

7 Championship Crowns

David Egger, 7 Championship Crowns
Urs Gwerder, 7 Championship Crowns
Frank Imhof, 7 Championship Crowns

6 Championship Crowns

Al Ming Jr, 6 Championship Crowns
Sepp Von Rotz, 6 Championship Crowns
Alois Ammann, 6 Championship Crowns
Pete Brun, 6 Championship Crowns
John Schallberger Sr, 6 Champ. Crowns

5 Championship Crowns

David Reichmuth, 5 Championship Crowns
Wes Lujan, 5 Championship Crowns
John Schallberger Jr, 5 Champ. Crowns
Hans Wagner, 5 Championship Crowns
Ernie Ludwig, 5 Championship Crowns
Louie Dobler, 5 Championship Crowns
Steve Ambuehl, 5 Championship Crowns
Jon Ming, 5 Championship Crowns

4 Championship Crowns 

Alois Peter, 4 Championship Crowns
Bob Egger, 4 Championship Crowns
Sepp Von Flue, 4 Championship Crowns
Bob Wipfli, 4 Championship Crowns
Steve Ambuehl, 4 Championship Crowns
Ed Ott, 4 Championship Crowns
Nathan Aufdermaur, 4 Championship Crowns
Gerry Johnson, 4 Championship Crowns
Ady Ming, 4 Championship Crowns
Matt Ming, 4 Championship Crowns

3 Championship Crowns

​ Gerhardt Schurig
Louie Durrer
Sepp Wagner
Jerry Holdener
Martin Steiner 
(8 rounds at Eidgenoissches)
Zach Schallberger
Frank Kaech 
Ben Gwerder

2 Championship Crowns

Meinrad Imboden
Gary Burch
Conrad Grass Jr
Ernie Dobler
Dan Ahles
Walter Haslemann
Joe Schallberger
Joe Haslemann
Urs Suter
Sepp Rosenast
Walter Schallberger
Guido Buhlemann
Franz Inderbitzin
Tom Ambuehl
Peter Vogt
Leo Durrer
Hans Niederberger
Roy Immoos
Nathan Holdener
Max Gingg
Chris Werner
Peter Betschart
Martin Beeler
Pat Ming
Gary Dobler

Administrative Hall of Fame
(these are just some of the people that have given countless hours to their clubs and are responsible for keeping our culture alive on the West Coast)

1. Walter Hasliman
2. Evelyn Blattler/Amman
3. Louie Durrer Sr.
4. Eda Mae Betschart
5. Werner Hofer Sr.
6. Rudy Kastlunger
7. Martha Morris
8. Janie Kaech
9. Teresa Beeler
10.Mariette Franke
11.Lieni Suter
12.Tom Kaech
13.Mrs. Raber
14.Marge Betschart
15.Bobby Egger
16.Walter Odermatt
17.Hans Sultzer
18.Paul Kiser
19.Heidi Betschart 
20.Helen Marchy 
21.Louie Marchy
22.Olga Reichmuth
23.George Morris Jr.
24.Walter Britschgi 
25.Ernie Strahm
26.Frank Beeler

Please send us in your nominees for the 2014 year and list their years of service and what they did.  Thank you to everyone!!!

Most Swiss wrestlers dream of competing at the Olympics of Swiss Wrestling held every three years.  The crown, or being one of the top 40 wrestlers is the goal for most.  Pictured above is the all-time greatest Swiss Wrestler, Jorg Abderhalden.....a three time winner.  You don't have to win the Eidgenoissches three times to be a champion, just learn, have passion and give everything you have.....that is what makes you a champion.  You don't have to get first to be a champion.  The greatest champions respect those that put in the work, have a wrestling career, regardless of where they place.
Sammy says 
"I could take
all of these 
guys out!"
Good luck 
with that,