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  The West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association's 
      Points Series Champions

Our wrestlers receive points based on their placing performances and participation at Swiss Wrestling events up and down the West Coast. The wrestlers with the most points at the end of the year not only receives the honor of being the most decorated athlete, they also earn the right to wrestle in Switzerland. Currently, there are efforts to give extra monies in addition to their wrestling money for the top 10 wrestlers in the Points Series Championship. 
The 2013 
West Coast Swiss Wrestling
Point Series Champion is ..........

Sammies rules for the West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association Championship Series

West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association's Josef L. Inderbitzen Perpetual Trophy is to be awarded to the best overall wrestler of the year according to our point series formula. The criteria is based on the WCSWA Rules and Regulations paragraph 5 with the following included and calculated in a spreadsheet throughout every year's Wrestling Season. The following are the processes from which we derive our top wrestlers in the chase for the Cup.   

A. Determine the number of eligible wrestlers from the WCSWA for each Schwingfest. Must be a legal US resident and not eligible for consideration from any other locality. So generally only CA, NV, AZ wrestlers would be considered, since WA and OR and of course Swiss wrestlers get separate nominations.

B. Compute from above the placing for each Schwingfest considering only the eligible wrestlers

C. Compute the ranking points for each wrestler for each Schwingfest by applying the following computation:

Ranking =Rangliste placing x 10 (Rounded to the nearest 0.01

Divide by the : Number of Eligible wrestlers

D. Consider the following Schwingfests: Holtville, Newark-Spring, Ripon-Spring, San Diego, Sierra Swiss Club, Ripon Fall, Newark Fall and Holtville (if they have a fall Schwingfest)

E. If more than one WCSWA wrestler is tied for the same placing at a Schwingfest and/or distribution of a Championship bonus points, the points will be added together for them and divided evenly among all wrestlers in the placing.

F.  Add one penalty point for each Schwingfest that a wrestler completed in less than five Schwingfests of the considered Schwingfest.

G. Compute sub-total by adding percentile and penalty points for each wrestler at each of the Schwingfests wrestled and divide by the number of Schwingfests completed.

H. Reduce point totals with bonus points for the WCSWA ranking at the Championship Schwingfest: 1st place .25 points, 2nd place .20 points, 3rd place, .15 point, 4th place .10 points, 5th place .08 points, 6th place .05 points and 7th place .02 points.

I. Compute grand-total for each wrestler.

J. Tie breakers: First – Highest Rangliste standing in the most recent Championship Schwingfest. Second: Wrestler who competed in the most Schwingfests.

K. Prioritize nominees starting with the lowest to the highest. Lowest possible points win.

L. If a Schwinger is Umfall in a Schwingfest – they are recorded in the Ranglist and placed by points

2011 Point Series Champion

Andrew Betschart 0.133 

2nd: Logan Schallberger 0.196 

3rd: Dustin Gwerder 0.242 

4th: Matt Ming 0.242 

5th: Raymond Widmer 0.406

2012 Point Series Champ

2012 Logan Schallberger -0.05 

2nd: Frank Kaech -0.03 

3rd: Dustin Gwerder 0.13 

4th: Zack Schallberger 0.27 

5th: Steven Widmer 0.30 

These wrestlers are putting a lot of effort in and we have one of the more talented groups of wrestlers we have seen in decades.  They are hungry to make their marks in this sport in some way.    Come out to a schwingfest and come to see this outdoor sport that has really grown in popularity on the West Coast!  Great entertainment, great values, great venues, great culture, great people, great competition and a cold beverage makes Swiss wrestling a great family event.