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Swiss Wrestling Rules
Below are the rules, etiquette and dress requirements for wrestlers that participate in the West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association.  Every sport has their rules and regulations as does Swiss Wrestling.  Though we encourage aggressiveness and physicality, we strongly encourage sportsmanship, class and comraderie. 

Appropriate Wrestling Attire

1. All wrestlers must wear pants when participating.
2. All wrestlers must wear shoes (no hard soles).
3. All wrestlers must wear a shirt with sleeves. 
4. All wrestlers must have at least 2 practices with a coach or former Swiss Wrestler.


1. You must have one hand on the pants to win unless you do the boda latz.
2. If you are on a 3 second bridge touching neither shoulder, you are considered down and have lost the match.
3. You must touch the top of the other wrestler's shoulders 2/3 of their back or all the way across from the shoulder blades down.  If the offensive wrestler has his arm over the back of the his opponent while rolling him over his shoulders, the shoulders shall be considered part of the back.  
4. A wrestler cannot win if any part of his opponent's shoulders are out of the ring. 
5. The ring must be at a minimum of 12 meters across. 

Etiquette & Class 

1.  Wrestlers should wipe off the shoulders of their opponent.  
2.  Shake hands with your opponent before and after match.
3.  Try and be positive regarding judges' rulings.
4.  Get to know your fellow wrestlers.  
5.  Be friendly to those around you and say positive things.  People will respect you for it.  The friendships and respect you build with the Swiss will last a lifetime.  
Sammy says "Follow the rules, have fun, give it everything you've got, be a great sport and may you have respect amongst your fellow wrestlers.  No whiners allowed.  Want some swiss cheese with that w(h)ine?"