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Swiss Carpool
So many times our wrestlers, other families and young adults are unaware of others heading to the same schwingfest in another town and are on the border of whether or not they can afford the trip.  

The cost of driving, lodging and other expenses can become a little overwhelming for our 16-30 year old wrestlers trying to keep their expenses down.  They don't receive that much money for wrestling and are just trying to get their young lives started, trying to make and save money.  So we decided to create "Swiss Carpool".  

Going to a schwingfest and have room in your car for a Swiss companion?  

Let us know how many you can take, which schwingfest, where they should meet you and what time to meet you.  We will then get them in contact with you.  It's that easy.  Thank you so much for supporting our wrestlers.  

Need to catch a ride to a 

Let us know which schwingfest, date, what times you are available to meet and how many you have in your group. 
Remember, you are guests of the driver.  Always be respectful, clean up after yourself and show Swiss Class.