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Swiss Wrestling Training & Technique
The goal of the West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association is to share as much knowledge of Swiss Wrestling Techniques as we can.  We know that occasionally families are spread out and may not have all of the wrestling techniques.  The wrestlers want to learn, they are simply too far from a club or sometimes their schedules do not fit into the regular practice schedules.  

We also know that if more wrestlers learn more techniques, then there will be more competitive matches.  This will encourage more of our wrestlers to put the necessary time in for practice and training.  Of course, knowing the moves and being in shape to be able to put those moves into action and wrestle six hard fought matches in a day is another thing.   

This is our introductory Swiss Wrestling Video.  All facebook members will receive blasts as new technique videos are put together.  The consistent practicing will get your body and mind in a position to win.  We hope they help.
Sammy seems to think
he can skip the videos 
& that he knows all the
moves perfectly 
already.  The manscaping
is getting to his brain.
He's going to get rocked
in 2014!!