"WestCoastSwiss.org is the home of the West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association. By promoting Swiss Wrestling and our festivals, we bring families, education, music, sport, culture & business together."
The following are the WCSWA Board Members for 2016.  We thank them for all of their efforts and all past board members.  It's because of you and your leadership that the West Coast Swiss continue to thrive. 

     Ronnie Leimgruber,                        Treasurer

     Our Treasurer and one of    the biggest financial donor toward the sport of Switzerland.  

       Joe Ming, Secretary

Joe has been our Secretary 
in the past and is filling in while we look for someone.   

  Urs Gwerder, Vice President

     Urs is a great leader for
     our West Coast Swiss.

     Joe Ming, President

 He tirelessly works to make
sure our West Coast Swiss Tradition is always growing.