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Welcome to our Swiss Traveler Exchange !!
In an effort to both keep the costs down for traveling wrestlers and create connections between our families on the West Coast, we have created a situation where families in the areas of where a schwingfest is to be held, can volunteer their residence as a place to sleep, eat and get to know the different wrestlers and families on the West Coast.  

So many Swiss are accommodating and would always open their doors for Swiss, there was just simply no platform for them to welcome travelers coming for the schwingfests in their towns.  Now there is.  The memories and experiences of getting to know other Swiss in different towns up and down the coast will last a lifetime.  

It's really easy for the families to host.  Just complete form below and include info for points 1-4 below.  We will then notify you if there is a match. 

1. Send us an email for the schwingfest you intend to be a hosting family for.

2. Tell us how many beds you have and how many you think you can sleep.

3.  Let us know which nights your home is available. 

4.  Leet us know what is the earliest time they can come to your home. 

5.  Submit your physical address in the email.  

That's it !!
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Those seeking lodging
while traveling up & down 
the coast, we've made it very easy for you to connect with other Swiss during your schwingfest travels.   

1. Simply email us with which schwingfest, the date, when you will arrive and how many wrestlers or friends of wrestlers you will have.

* Remember, respect your host families and their homes.  They are opening their homes to you, will probably cook you great food and will make many great connections with you that will end up being life-long.

See below 
for format.

Schwingfest     Exchange Host Family    Nights Available    Number of Guests    

Ripon Spring    Muller Family                   Fri/Sat Night                         4
Ripon Spring    Betschart Family             Fri/Sat Night                         2
San Diego         Ernie Ludwig Family       Fri/Sat/Sun Night                 4
Truckee             Urs Gwerder Family        Fri/Sat Night                         6

Below are simply examples of how the program works.  Once you open your home to our wrestlers, we list your names here so we can match your availability with their needs.  Most all of our wrestlers are very respectful and understand that complaints by volunteer families will result in the exclusion of wrestlers from participating in the program.  Thank you so much for your big Swiss welcome and opening your homes up to these wrestlers.  We know it will be a great exchange between West Coast families.
Host Family Registrar
*  These are simply examples of families for past schwingfests.