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W.C.S.W.A. Member Clubs
Our culture on the West Coast is long-standing.  Pictures of great times help us
capture the friendships, great times and memories.  It's why every generation puts in the time they do to preserve this great culture.  
Andrew Betschart, Dustin Gwerder & Grant Widmer at Sierra Swiss Club's 2013  Championship dance/party. Great club & event !
Many barbecues with great food, family and friends have been together at the Newark Club over the years.  The Swiss Dance Hall is amazing.
The San Diego Swiss Club has kids games, a big park & it's members are great hosts.  Getting down to the coast is always a great time in summer.
Mike Berchtold throws the rock at the Imperial Valley Swiss Club.  This is one of many events at our Swiss Festivals.  Culture, friendship & tradition!  
The Ripon Swiss Club is known for throwing great feasts and parties at all of their events.  There are great times & memories every time!  
The West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association is also interested in including clubs from other states such as Washington & Oregon.  We have limited barriers to entry & welcome all states. 

Sierra Swiss Club
Newark Swiss Club
San Diego Swiss Club
Imperial Valley
Swiss Club
Ripon Swiss Club
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